In the past Blanchardstown CTC took part in a number of Youth in Action programmes designed for young people to promote European citizenship. It gave young people the opportunity to travel to other European countries and experience different cultures.

Erasmus+ is the new European programme that brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of education, training and youth and for the first time will provide support for sport. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation across the education, training and youth sectors and is easier to access than its predecessors, with simplified funding rules. For more information please click here

  • European Voluntary Service (EVS) -Lithuania (31st Oct -30th Nov 2013)

BCTC and Baldoyle Training Centre supported two learners to volunteer in Lithuania via European Voluntary Service. They went on  a short -term EVS placement for four weeks to take part in a project called ‘Creative Hands for Nature’. Along with 11 other volunteers from Armenia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland and Ireland they set about maintaining various bike trails in Grazute Regional Park to promote tourism in the local community. They spent most of their time making different park-related objects from wood including the lovely cat in the picture below with Kyle and Adrian.







  • Youth Exchange – Marseille, France (2nd – 10th May 2013)

photo 6

This year Marseille was the European Capital of Culture and to celebrate this occasion our French partner ‘Planet Volunteer’ Association organised an intercultural youth exchange in May 2013 including Ireland, England, Germany and Poland. ‘SaveGreenFace’ youth exchange gave young people the opportunity to explore and practice circus street art (including stilts, juggling, body-make-up etc) as well as to promote an awareness of being ‘green’ and ‘eco–friendly’.

  • Youth Exchange – Warsaw, Poland (16th – 23rd March 2013)

Photo 5

In March we took part in a youth exchange in Poland. Three learners and the Manager travelled to Poland to learn about different languages and alphabets. There were five countries taking part in this youth exchange: Poland (host), Ireland, Italy, Georgia and Tunisia.

During the project we had the opportunity to try different cuisines from each country, to learn about their political situation (especially in relation to Tunisia and Georgia) and also to study a sign language.

One of our learners became really interested in sign language and as a result applied for a work experience placement in the Deaf Village on Navan Road in Dublin.

  • Youth.4.Sport.4.Youth Training – Druskininkai, Lithuania (23rd – 28th February 2013)

Photo 4

In February our Sports Instructor took part in a training seminar ‘Youth.4.Sport.4.Youth’ organised within the Youth in Action programme.

The aim of the programme was to provide a platform for discussion and exchange on the important issues in European youth work and youth policy. Participants were encouraged to contribute to discussions about the development of youth work and youth policy and exchange good practice on the chosen theme.

Altogether, 25 people from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine took part in the project. The seminar gave an excellent opportunity to strengthen competences needed for the efficient international cooperation and explore principles and approaches of youth non-formal education. The main focus was to build a greater understanding of sport as a tool for youth non-formal education.

  • Evaluation Meeting  – Dublin, Ireland (16th – 22nd September 2012)

Photo 3

The evaluation meeting was a follow-up project of the Youth Exchange that took place from 25th March to 1st April, 2012 in Sinzig, Germany. The evaluation meeting ‘Reflection and Development of the Movement. Young and Creative Entrepreneurs’ was a 5-day meeting held in Dublin by Blanchardstown CTC, gathering 21 participants (coaches and youngsters) from 11 countries (Ireland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, England, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Spain and Austria) that each had different roles and functions during the Youth Exchange.

The specific objectives of the evaluation meeting were to:

(a) Reflect on what has been learnt from the implementation of the Youth Exchange and to draw recommendations for future projects.

(b)  To promote and encourage young people to participate in the Youth in Action programme.

(c)  To plan next projects within Youth in Action programme.

  • Youth Exchange – Sinzig, Germany (25th March – 1st April 2012)

Photo 2a

In 2012 we were invited to participate in a youth exchange in Germany from 25th March to 1st April. 4 learners and the Manager travelled to Germany to promote Irish culture and to learn more about entrepreneurship. This experience helped our learners to improve their confidence and to learn in a non-formal way. There were 13 countries taking part in this youth exchange: Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, France, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, UK, Slovenia, Ireland, Germany (hosting country).

The experience aimed to promote a climate of understanding between Europeans.

  • BRIDGES TO WORK conference – Antwerp, Belgium (18th – 22nd October 2011)

Photo 1

In 2011 Blanchardstown CTC (1 learner + Manager) was approved to take part in the Bridges to Work seminar which was a practical and inspirational European conference about Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship. (

The conference was organized by the SALTO-INCLUSION – the European Union Resource Centre for young people with fewer opportunities.

Bridges to Work was a conference aimed at creating better opportunities for young people in the labour market, especially for young people with fewer opportunities. 150 stakeholders, including young job seekers, employers, youth projects, policy-makers, funders and researchers exchanged experiences and developed future actions to support young people to progress into employment or entrepreneurship.

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