X-Hale 2019


First off, we sat at our table to start the planning for our video. We started off with brainstorming and we came up with all sorts of ideas. Once we had our idea picked, we created a storyboard which explained what we were going to do in detail. We then made a character called Cid the Cig on Adobe Illustrator on the Mac.

Once the illustration was completed Lauren cut out the print off and placed on the instructors desk.


The video contains the learners and instructor acting out scenes in which Cid the Cig entices the instructor (Gavin) to go for a smoke break. He picks Cid up off the table and walks out the door telling learners he is going to take a phone call. The camera rolls onto Seán who is highlighting facts about smoking, the page then engulfs itself in flames.

The next scene includes Nathan and Daniel, Nathan operated the camera taking photographs of Daniel to promote non smoking, Cid pops up in between photos. The last scene shows the editor Craig designing the anti-smoking poster when Cid disrupts the poster edit changing the non-smoking sign to ‘Keep Smoking’ Craig then ‘empties the trash’ on the computer thus killing Cid.

It took a lot of time before we got the footage we wanted but eventually we did. We reviewed the footage and once we were happy with what we had we packed up all the equipment and headed back to start editing.


Once we had our scenes filmed, it was time to edit the clips. Craig was the editor. We imported all the footage we took onto the one of the Macs. Craig started putting the video together while cutting and adding SFX and transitions where appropriate. Gavin (our instructor) helped to pick the music and the title for the video.

All together, the video took 5 days to complete.

Once the video was done, we submitted it for the X-Hale 2019 competition where they posted it on the “Irish Cancer Society” Youtube channel. Overall, the video was a success and everyone in our class who took part in it enjoyed it.

Below is the link to the final video, please like, comment and subscribe.


Written By: Craig & Cára Digital Media Students.

Blanchardstown Community Training Centre

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