X-Hale 2017: Project Diary 4





Tomorrow is the deadline to submit our film and we’re nearly there! We had quite a lot of footage as we shot some of our scenes nearly 20 times to get them just right. We’ve had to choose which scene was best then put them in the right order based on the storyboard.







Music, sound effects, foley sound, ambient tracks, titles and credits have all been added. Getting the audio balanced so nothing sounds too loud and the dialogue is at a consistent volume has been one of the trickiest things to do so far. Also, we had to make sure that the film didn’t go over two and a half minutes so we had to be ruthless chopping scenes back.







Thankfully, all our planning paid off and we’ve ended up with an amazing film (well, we think so anyway!). We’re going to try get some more behind the scenes footage up over the next while and the film should be available to watch on the Irish Cancer Society‘s YouTube channel in the next week or two so we’ll keep you posted and please like, comment and share our video once it’s live!

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