Trip to Riga (Latvia) with our Erasmus Plus project.

As part of the Erasmus Plus project ‘Fight the beast don’t become obese’ our centre received €51,539 to design a healthy cookbook.  The countries selected to participate in the project –Ireland, Latvia and Malta – are the three courtiers that  the World Health Organisation estimated last year to become the fattest countries in Europe by 2030 if no urgent action regarding obesity is taken.  We introduced our project back in March were 1st transnational meeting was hosted by our centre in Dublin. Last week the 2nd transnational meeting took place in Riga and four of us – Becky, Alina, Robert and Dan including the Catering Instructor Niamh and the Centre Manager Anna travelled to Latvia to continue to work on the project’s objectives.


During our meetings in Dublin and Riga we discussed the cookbook design and also learned about food labelling and nutritional values of foods. The presentations were delivered by professional nutritionists – Richelle Flanagan in Dublin and Eva Kataja in Riga. We also visited some organic farms -Fruit and Vegetable organic farm ‘Gaiki’  and the Beekeeping farm ‘Mauri‘ both located in the municipality of Tukums.



During the visit we also took part in a cooking workshop that was organised by the local restaurant in Riga called ‘Sirmais un Dreibants’


So far on the book  we have designed the recipes, we have practiced them and we have also seen the book design which the layout and recipes were discussed and agreed. The highlights of this meeting were definitely the boat ride and the BBQ  in the municipality of Tukums. The next step of this project will be some final work to be done on the recipes in preparation to our final meeting in Malta in September. The book is to be released in November where the last meeting will take place in Dublin.

The report was prepared by Alina, Robert and Dan (Catering group)

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