X-Hale SpunOut Article Competition

Congrats to Philip Shestialtynov from the Digital Media Class who is runner-up in the X-Hale SpunOut article Competition 2017!

Philip wrote about his experience being involved in the making of the film and what he learned along the way. You can check it out on the X-Hale Facebook page, as well as the winning article.

Philip will be studying Journalism in BCFE in September so his article will be a nice addition to his portfolio. He’s got a great writing style so keep an eye out for him in the future!

The competition for most online views closes next Wednesday so please view and share our short smoking prevention film which you can find above. We’re nearly at 1100 views so big thanks to everyone for the support so far!

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Filmmaking in Baldoyle







The Digital Media class are currently working on a promotional film for Baldoyle Training Centre.







They visited last week to began shooting and are off to a good start.







According to staff in Baldoyle, they were super professional so there could be a few future directors in our midst!







Great to see the lads apply what they’re learning in class and develop their practical skills.







We’ll upload the short film once it’s finished so watch this space!

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Our X-Hale 2017 Film is now on YouTube!

We finished our X-Hale 2017 film last week and it just went live on to YouTube today. The online competition runs from today until June 28th and the short film with the most views wins the Online Award. At the moment we have the most views in the country on YouTube so let’s keep it up! What we want from you is to like, comment and share as much as possible with your friends and family. Remember, we’re trying to create as much impact as possible and hopefully get a few young people to give up the smokes too!

If you are sharing it please use the hashtags #TheXGeneration and #xhale2017, Tag @XHaleYouthAwards on Facebook, @IrishCancerSoc on Twitter, @thexgenerationxhale and @irishcancersociety on Instagram.

The other competition categories are:

  • Overall Winner
  • Runner Up
  • Best Blogging Group (we won this in 2016)
  • Most Convincing Smoking Prevention Film (we won this in 2015)
  • Best Smoke Free Generation Message
  • Best Impact of Smoking Message
  • Best Smoking Influences Message
  • Judges Choice Award
  • Best Actress
  • Best Actor
  • Best Social Media Posat at X-Hale Awards

Fingers crossed we can make it three wins in a row, thanks in advance for the support!!!

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X-Hale 2017: Project Diary 4





Tomorrow is the deadline to submit our film and we’re nearly there! We had quite a lot of footage as we shot some of our scenes nearly 20 times to get them just right. We’ve had to choose which scene was best then put them in the right order based on the storyboard.







Music, sound effects, foley sound, ambient tracks, titles and credits have all been added. Getting the audio balanced so nothing sounds too loud and the dialogue is at a consistent volume has been one of the trickiest things to do so far. Also, we had to make sure that the film didn’t go over two and a half minutes so we had to be ruthless chopping scenes back.







Thankfully, all our planning paid off and we’ve ended up with an amazing film (well, we think so anyway!). We’re going to try get some more behind the scenes footage up over the next while and the film should be available to watch on the Irish Cancer Society‘s YouTube channel in the next week or two so we’ll keep you posted and please like, comment and share our video once it’s live!

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X-Hale 2017: Project Diary 3

Over the last week we managed to get the rest of our footage shot. You can see the video above of all the storyboards we had to do just to make two minutes of a film! But if we didn’t have this done we wouldn’t have been able to film as fast as we did, especially with outdoor shots.





We got some great weather to film our last two scenes but as the shooting progresses the clouds started to come in. This meant we had to wait for the sun to come back out in order to have consistent lighting in each shot so we spent a lot of time waiting for the clouds to move. Also, we learned that shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest can cause a lot of issues with shadows as we kept seeing the shadow of the camera, mic or crew members in the shots so we had to do a lot of reframing.





Last week we mentioned how important audio is. In order to have really professional sounding audio, we recorded lots of ‘wild tracks’. A wild track is basically a recording of the ambient sounds from an area, so for the park scenes we recorded a few minutes of wind noises, distant traffic, dogs barking, etc. We will then place this on top of the scenes when we are editing them to really make you feel like you are in a park! We also had to do some foley sounds. Foley sounds are recorded separately and then placed on top of the footage, for example, a tree branch snapping. This is done to add realism to your film.







We also had to use a lot of fake blood for one of our scenes as you can see below. Check out the video below to find out the recipe we used!

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