X-Hale 2018: Presentation


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X-Hale 2018: Project Report


First off, we sat at our table to start the planning for our video. We started off with brainstorming and we came up with all sorts of ideas. Once we had our idea picked, we created a storyboard which explained what we were going to do in detail. I then made a cigarette box for the video using Adobe Illustrator on the Mac.


The video would be about two boys sitting down at a bench smoking a cigarette and suddenly, one would disappear. The other boy would say a smoking related fact and then walk off the scene.



The production started with us bringing the idea to life. We were going to film the video in the nearby park. We got all the equipment such as the tripod and cameras ready and we headed to film. We set up the equipment at a bench in the park and made sure everyone knew what their role was.


The main actors in this video were going to be Max and James. The camera was placed on the tripod in front of the bench while I would direct the video with Jessica. Taylor held the shotgun mic which was on the boompole. Ryan, Keenan and Jazmine were the assistant producers of the video. David helped with the documentation of the video by taking pictures of us filming.


Once we had everything ready, we started the recording. It took a lot of time before we got the footage we wanted but eventually we did. We then packed up all the equipment and headed back.


Once we got back, we started the editing for the video. Max was going to be the video editor. We imported all the footage we took onto the one of the Macs. Max started putting the video together while cutting and adding SFX and transitions where appropriate. Gavin (our instructor) helped to pick the music and the title for the video. All together, the video took 5 days to complete.

Once the video was done, we submitted it to X-Hale where they posted it on the “Irish Cancer Society” Youtube channel. Overall, the video was a success and everyone in our class who took part in it enjoyed it.

Written By: Edward Vrancianu, Digital Media Student.

Blanchardstown Community Training Centre

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Our X-Hale 2018 Video


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Digital Media class visit ITB


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X-Hale 2018 – Production Stage


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