Our X-Hale 2017 Film is now on YouTube!

We finished our X-Hale 2017 film last week and it just went live on to YouTube today. The online competition runs from today until June 28th and the short film with the most views wins the Online Award. At the moment we have the most views in the country on YouTube so let’s keep it up! What we want from you is to like, comment and share as much as possible with your friends and family. Remember, we’re trying to create as much impact as possible and hopefully get a few young people to give up the smokes too!

If you are sharing it please use the hashtags #TheXGeneration and #xhale2017, Tag @XHaleYouthAwards on Facebook, @IrishCancerSoc on Twitter, @thexgenerationxhale and @irishcancersociety on Instagram.

The other competition categories are:

  • Overall Winner
  • Runner Up
  • Best Blogging Group (we won this in 2016)
  • Most Convincing Smoking Prevention Film (we won this in 2015)
  • Best Smoke Free Generation Message
  • Best Impact of Smoking Message
  • Best Smoking Influences Message
  • Judges Choice Award
  • Best Actress
  • Best Actor
  • Best Social Media Posat at X-Hale Awards

Fingers crossed we can make it three wins in a row, thanks in advance for the support!!!

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