Community Training Centres will provide a learner-centred approach to early school leavers in a stimulating and supportive environment where highly skilled staff will help learners develop their full potential, gain nationally recognised qualifications and progress toward employment.


To empower local early school leavers and young adults to develop personally, vocationally and socially to meet their individual needs. We offer learning within a supportive, innovative, safe, caring, positive and non-judgemental environment.


  • Mutual Respect: We expect that all who work and learn here be treated like the valuable individuals they are
  • Diversity: We believe in diversity and the richness this brings to our organisation. We support an inclusive learning environment in both our educational and social activities
  • Equality: We will provide our services to all in a personalised, courteous, fair and impartial manner, regardless of gender, age, disability, creed or culture or any other belief
  • Empowering: All of our endeavours will focus on actively engaging with both early school leavers and young adults in a manner that empowers them to identify and realise their full potential
  • Learner focus: Our learners, and their needs, are at the heart of all decision-making processes by our organisation
  • Integrity: We act with integrity – striving to uphold the highest professional standards at all times
  • Confidentiality: We understand that our clients trust us with highly sensitive information and we respect that trust
  • Quality: We will ensure that all training offered will lead to recognised accreditation, will satisfy Quality Assurance standards and will be delivered in a professional manner
  • Best Practice: We strive to implement best practice in our teaching and in the provision of all our services
  • Support: Our learners are supported by the Blanchardstown CTC staff and the staff, in turn, are supported by the Board



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