‘Fight the beast don’t become obese’ -cookbook launch

Last Thursday (24th November) Blanchardstown Community Training Centre (BCTC) in partnership with Baltic Regional Fund (Latvia) and Agenzija Zghazagh (Malta) presented their cookbook ‘Fight the beast don’t become obese’ that was officially launched by Chef Gearoid Lynch at FIRE Restaurant in the Mansion House in Dublin.
‘Fight the beast don’t become obese’ was a strategic partnership between Ireland, Latvia and Malta under the Erasmus+ programme approved by the Irish National Agency LEARGAS last December. The project aimed to address two major needs necessary to start fighting the obesity crisis among young people. Firstly, the need of understanding food labels and nutritional values of foods and secondly the need of basic cooking skills using fresh, healthy and real ingredients.
The project participants were young people between 16 and 21 years old that wanted to learn how to cook and how to start making healthy food choices. During the activities young people learnt to read and understand nutritional values of foods, prepare basic healthy meals using fresh and organic ingredients and also recognise a difference between homemade and pre-packed foods. Their learning, practical experiences and knowledge gained during the activities is presented in the cookbook created during the project.
The cookbook ‘Fight the beast don’t become obese’ is divided into three segments and includes a simple guideline on reading and understanding food labels, information about organic farms visited during the project and a collection of healthy recipes prepared by the youngsters translated into three languages.
It is anticipated that the cook book will encourage people to cooking and making healthier food choices. Young people directly and indirectly involved in the project will promote healthy eating but also will start raise awareness of harmful and serious consequences of the obesity crisis. It is hoped that this will start reversing the raising trend in obesity at a local level.
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